Preface / Dean Richard Allen 序言 / 院長艾朗宏教授

Recently a work of “AI Art” was sold for a very high price at Christie’s in New York. While for some it was a shock and for others just a publicity stunt, it suggested to many that machines have the potential to colonize the final redoubt of the human: creativity. But of course, mimicking handmade art is scarcely what is at stake in the field of art and technology. For decades, human beings have been using computers to create art. As this ground-breaking exhibition reminds us, as early as 1969 China-born artist Tsai Wen-ying was creating cybernetic art, and his solo debut in Hong Kong in 1979 marked the city’s first exposure to how new technologies and art might come together. Since then, as our technologies have evolved, so has our capacity to creatively re-imagine the relationship between art and technology.

Under the inspired direction of Dr. Linda Lai, winner last year of the Hong Kong Arts Development Council Artist of the Year Award in Media Art, Algorithmic Art showcases the practices of young artists who are breaking new boundaries in the practice of computational art. They are responding to the writings of pre-eminent Taiwan-born Sci-Fi writer Professor Chang Shi-kuo, aligning  ancient Chinese conceptions of the physical world with our own via altered visual perception in virtual reality  exploring the relationship between art and physical processes, and more. Lai seeks to stage a dialogue between past and present and, in the process, construct a new history of media art, one that is centered not in the US or Europe but in Hong Kong and the broader Asian region.

Our relationship to computational technology is a fraught one. We not only think machines will take over the making of art, we tell ourselves stories about machines taking over the world. To be sure, computers have awesome powers, but while we have a lot to be concerned about, we are also blinded by technology into thinking our machines are something they are not. Through her judicious selection and curation of these artworks, Lai seeks to open our eyes, to challenge our beliefs about computation and machine learning, to disclose the contents of the black box and allow us to understand the creative possibilities of technology anew.

Welcome to Algorithmic Art! And if you enjoy the exhibition please come to the conference which accompanies it at the School of Creative Media, City University, entitled, Art Machines: International Symposium on Computational Art from Jan 4th to 7th, which will stage a series of encounters between scholars and artists over four days.

Richard Allen

Dean, the School of Creative Media, City University
Director, Art Machines: International Symposium on Computational Media Art





歡迎來到《演算藝術 》!若你喜歡這個展覽,請參加1月4-7日在城市大學創意媒體學院舉辦的「藝術儀:電算藝術國際論壇」。這個為期四天的活動,提供一個學者與藝術家之間交流的寶貴機會。