Deep Time, longue durée, a possible map of connectivity 深沉的、持久的…長時間地圖

timeline_with line_final-01.png

A synchronized view of all the 15 works shown in Algorithmic Art: Shuffling Space & Time and their possible techno-scientific genealogy; an experimental chronology made by Linda C.H. Lai with Winsome Wong, Wing-lam Fung and Tobias Tang, “Object-Subjectivities: a Techno-Art Saga” (2018)

東西遊戲科藝漫遊(自行尋索版)》(2018)綜合了這展覽中15組作品的科技內涵與淵源,合成一個篇連體,往遠古探尋,步步追蹤, 用時間的點線面去展示媒體藝術故事的宏度和想像力。這趟科藝旅程由黎肖嫻、黃慧心、馮詠霖、鄧志韜合力製作。